10000.00 EUR loan financed by 226 investors Market
2950.50 EUR loan financed by 118 investors Market
800.00 EUR loan financed by 44 investors Market
1000.00 EUR loan financed by 37 investors Market
600.00 EUR loan financed by 19 investors Market

Why "NEO Finance"?

What do we offer?

Jokių išankstinių mokesčių

Jokių išankstinių mokesčių

Paskolų klubas netaiko jokių išankstinių mokesčių paskolai gauti

NEO Finance operational ground

The activity of NEO Finance is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. The company is included in the public list of the consumer credit providers and in the list of the payment initiation service providers that undertaken to adhere to the principles of good practice, it is also the first platform that is included in the public list of mutual lending platform operators. The company is operating on the basis of the electronic money institution licence granted by the Bank of Lithuania.



Statistics and reports of "NEO Finance"



Number of investors


34 452 420 €

Sum of granted loans



Issued loans count


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