NEO Finance @ BeleggersFair

NEO Finance @ BeleggersFair

NEO Finance @ BeleggersFair

NEO Finance was a sponsor of this year's BeleggersFair - the largest investor event in the Netherlands. BeleggersFair offers a diverse and broad program, making it an excellent investment for both advanced and novice private investors looking to increase both their knowledge and their wealth.

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As investors may know - investing in NEO Finance is a safe and fair way to lend money directly to others and achieve a stable net return of 10 - 12% per year (based on historical data).With NEO Finance, you have the flexibility to set your own investment criteria and/or benefit from AI-driven risk categorisation, which is based on analysis of more than 27,000 loans made and repaid through the platform since 2016.

NEO Finance stands out for its innovative platform and consistent regulatory compliance, under strict supervision of the local regulator. Moreover, NEO Finance is listed on the Nasdaq, symbolising a commitment to transparency. The platform aims to become a world leader in securing so-called P2P (peer-to-peer) loans and offer investors confidence and stability.

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At InvestorsFair, NEO Finance had its booth, answering all questions on investing and other topics.

There was also a fascinating masterclass seminar, led by financial and investment industry expert Mark Leenards who spoke on:

• The latest investment trends;

• Risk management strategies;

• How to build a diversified portfolio;

• The benefits of P2P (peer-to-peer) investing for investors.

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