If the recipient of consumer credit fails to perform his obligations, related to the repayment of consumer credit, properly according to the consumer credit agreement, NEO Finance takes the appropriate actions to recover the amount of the consumer credit, interest and other amounts that are owed under the consumer credit agreement.

NEO Finance obliges to investors to:

1. Inform the consumer credit recipient three calendar days prior to the day, when the consumer credit recipient must make the payment under the consumer credit agreement, about the nearing date of payment, via the text message (SMS) and email letter;

2. Inform the consumer credit recipient via the text message (SMS) on the first and the eighth day of the fact of the payment delay, the payable amount and the fact that the calculation of the late interest is commenced;

3. Inform the consumer credit recipient on the first and the fifteenth day of delay of the each overdue payment via email about the fact of delay, payable amount, the fact that the calculation of the late interest is commenced, the information about the number of the payments that are overdue, and the information that the fact of payment delay can be sent to the debtors data base of "Credit info Lietuva" PJSC;

4. Contact recipient of consumer credit personally, who is 25 days late on monthly payment and schedule the date when the payment will be made and inform that the future payments must be excecuted on time;

5. Terminate the consumer credit agreement and demand from the consumer credit recipient to repay the whole debt at once, if the conditions that are specified in the consumer credit agreement are present;

6. To transfer all claims under the terminated consumer credit agreements to the debt recovery company selected by the Operator for the recovery and ensure that the company would call to the recipient of the credit at least one time and would ascertain the circumstances of the delay during the call (reasons for being late, if there is a promise to pay the debt, etc.);

7. When the consumer credit agreement is terminated or its maturity has ended, go to court in order to adjudge the debt under the consumer credit agreement;

8. Immediately transfer the recovery to the bailiffs when possessing the enforcement order.

9. Transfer all funds that are received during the recovery under the consumer credit agreement from the consumer credit recipient or from the persons, who cover the debt instead of him, into the Loan provider's electronic money account no later than within one working day.

10. Pay to third parties (debt recovery company, governmental fees and other) from own account for the recovery and to recover these funds from the consumer credit recipient.