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Payment cancelation process

If, due to certain circumstances, you wish to cancel a completed payment, please...

If, due to certain circumstances, you wish to cancel a completed payment, please follow the procedure outlined below to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

1. Electronic Request
Firstly, send us a request via priority email at: [email protected].

In your request, please specify:

- Unique Operation Code: For example, BT234323423.
- Account Email Address: The email address you provided during registration.
- Reason: A brief explanation of why you want to cancel the payment.
- Contact Phone Number: A number where we can quickly reach you.

Cancellation Status
If the payment notification has not yet been sent to the recipient's bank and the funds have not been transferred, the money will be returned to your account without any additional actions on your part.
If the funds are already in the recipient's account, we cannot refund the money without the recipient's consent. Please note that a response from the recipient can be received within 15 working days, but for international payments, this period might be longer.

Thank you for choosing us. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Payment Traceability Procedure

If, due to specific circumstances, you seek more detailed information regarding...

If, due to specific circumstances, you seek more detailed information regarding a payment and its execution deadlines, NEO Finance conducts a payment traceability procedure. To submit a request for payment traceability, please adhere to the following steps:

1. Electronic Request
Start by sending us a priority email at: [email protected].

In your request, it's essential to include:

- Unique Operation Code: E.g., BT234323423.
- Account Email Address: The email address you submitted during registration.
- Reason: A concise explanation as to why you wish to trace the payment.
- Contact Phone Number: A direct line where we can promptly contact you.

2. Payment Traceability Response and Deadlines
A clarification regarding the traceability of the payment will be provided within 48 hours of receiving such a request. This explanation will be communicated directly to the client via predetermined communication channels.

Thank you for choosing us. We're here to support you at every turn.

Safe behavior online and fraud prevention

Use unique passwords. Criminals use various tools and methods to access your acc...

Use unique passwords. Criminals use various tools and methods to access your accounts. If you are using your password for other logins, there's a risk that your account is not properly protected.
• Do not click on unclear links. Criminals distribute links to malicious websites that replicate the design of legitimate ones. It's best to manually enter our website address.
• Employees of Paskolų Klubas and Neopay will never ask for your login details. Only you know them.
• If you have any questions, visit the NeoPay or Paskolų Klubas pages and contact the official channels provided there.
• Regularly update your computer, software, and mobile devices.
• Use protection against computer viruses.
• For email and other important accounts, use two-factor authentication (2FA).
• If you have any suspicions, promptly change your passwords, review the actions performed, especially those related to your privacy and financial services.
• Paskolų Klubas and Neopay employees will never rush you to take any actions.

The most common Fraud schemes


This is one of the most widespread forms of cyber fraud. Fraudsters send fake emails, messages, or set up websites pretending to be trustworthy entities (like banks or popular online services). They aim to trick victims into providing personal information, login credentials, or payment details. With the rise of social media and messaging apps, "smishing" (SMS-based phishing) and "vishing" (voice call-based phishing) have also become more prevalent.

Prevention Tips:

Be Skeptical: Don't automatically trust unexpected emails, texts, or calls, even if they appear to be from an organization or individual you recognize.
Check URLs: Hover over links in emails to see where they lead. If the address looks suspicious, don't click.
Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): This adds an extra layer of security in case someone does get hold of your login details.
Install Anti-Phishing Toolbars: Many browsers have extensions that can identify and block phishing websites.
Keep Software Updated: Ensure your operating system, browsers, and security software are up to date.
Educate Yourself: Be aware of current phishing threats and familiarize yourself with what legitimate communication from your bank or other services looks like.

Account Takeover (ATO):

This happens when fraudsters gain unauthorized access to a user's account, either through stolen credentials, phishing, or other methods. Once in, they can make unauthorized transactions, change account details, or even lock the actual user out.

Prevention Tips:

Strong, Unique Passwords: Use complex passwords and don't reuse them across sites.
2FA: Enable two-factor authentication whenever available.
Monitor Account Activity: Regularly check your account statements and activities for any unauthorized actions.
Beware of Suspicious Activity: If you receive notifications about password changes you didn't initiate, take immediate action.
Limit Sharing: Be careful about sharing personal information or login details, even with trusted contacts.
Credit Card Fraud / Carding:

Credit Card Fraud / Carding:

Unauthorized use of stolen or fake credit card details to make purchases, withdraw cash, or run up charges on the victim's account. This can occur through skimming devices, online breaches, or data leaks.

Prevention Tips:

Regularly Monitor Transactions: Check your credit card statements for any suspicious or unfamiliar transactions.
Secure Online Shopping: Only shop on reputable, secure websites. Look for the "https://" prefix in the URL.
Protect Your Physical Card: Be wary of unfamiliar ATMs and point-of-sale machines; they might have skimmers. Cover the keypad when entering your PIN.
Alerts: Set up transaction alerts with your bank, so you're notified of any unusual activity.
Lost or Stolen Cards: Report lost or stolen cards to your bank immediately. Some banks offer the ability to temporarily "freeze" your card if you believe you've misplaced it.
Dispose of Old Cards Securely: When you receive a new card, make sure to cut up and dispose of your old card safely.
General prevention tips include being cautious and skeptical of unsolicited communications, regularly updating and patching software, and staying educated on the latest scams and fraud prevention techniques. Awareness and vigilance are your best defenses against these schemes.

How do we collect customer ratings?

We collect feedback from Loan Club customers using the Net Promoters Score (NPS)...

We collect feedback from Loan Club customers using the Net Promoters Score (NPS) survey. We provide an average of the customer rating scores, which are updated every six months.

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